21 June 2014

Making Fairy Dust

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say welcome to my blog. For my first post I decided to make some Fairy Dust. Here's how I did it.

Step one: I grabbed some glitter (Any glitter is fine), A small container (preferably one with a shaker lid or just a lid), A pen, masking tape, scissors and a funnel (funnel optional, just makes it less messy.)

Step Two: Take the lid of the container and put the funnel into it. Pour the glitter into the funnel.

     Step Three: Cut the masking tape to the size you want your label to be and stick it to the container.

                       Step four: Write on the label, Fairy Dust or Pixie dust whichever you prefer.

And we're done. You can sprinkle your Fairy Dust somewhere or you can just keep it.

Thanks for reading